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SEO Packages (Monthly)

It is a well known fact that SEO packages include shorter blogs, which are used to liven up blog sites and websites. The SEO packages cannot be complete without a report on your monthly statistics. It is uncommon for the SEO firms to include monthly reports on what traffic you are generating from article submissions. In order to test the online market for your product and service then you should yourself try out the SEO packages.

Many small businesses do not have enough funds to hire professional and the best SEO workers, but they don't have the skills to do it on their own either. Although many services or companies are out there, offering their services and their expertise, it is definitely not wise to immediately jump on the offer without doing any check or research first. No matter how good the offer is or how low the price offered is, it's always better to step back, think thoroughly and carefully, and then make a decision.

Any company which requires the SEO companies provide them with an affordable SEO service which can also include a SEO monthly packages. In the SEO monthly packages a standard amount of work is mutually agreed upon in the contract

SEO Packages


Bronze Plan

Silver Plan

Gold SEO Plan

Platinum Plan

Keywords Research

Keyword Analysis
Finalize the set of keywords 10 20 30 Biz. Enhance

SEO Analysis & Updations

Website analysis
Competitor analysis 1 2 3 5
URL analysis
Site structure analysis
URL Rewriting
Blog integration
Code Refinements

On-Page Optimization

Meta Tags

Optimize Meta Tags Targeted Pages Targeted Pages Targeted Pages All Pages
Update Meta Tags
Suggest style of meta tags for dynamic pages

Content Optimization

Check content for keyword density and copy pasting
Optimization of the content Targeted Pages Targeted Pages Targeted Pages All Pages
SEO copywriting

SEO Compatibility Checks

Browser compatibility
Website load time
Checking the Page size
Check the broken links

Search Engine Code Optimization

Anchor text optimization Targeted Pages Targeted Pages All Pages All Pages
Image optimization Targeted Pages Targeted Pages All Pages All Pages
Header tags optimization Targeted Pages Targeted Pages All Pages All Pages
Robot.txt optimization
Canonical Tag Implementation
Absolute path
W3C Validations of HTML Code

Sitemaps & Feeds

XML Sitemap
RSS Feeds
ROR Sitemap
URL List (HTML sitemap)

Google Analytics

Creating account
Implement code on all pages of the website
Tracking & analyzing stats
Goals & Funnel Configuration

Off-Page Optimization

Directory Submission

Submission(per month) 300 600 800 1200

Article Submission

SEO copywriting 3 5 6 8
Article Syndication(per month) 60 70 70 70

Blogs & Wikis

Create blog account 5 8 10 15
On page optimizing of blogs
SEO copywriting for Blogs (write-ups per month) 4 6 10 15
Updation of blogs

Feed Submission

Blog feeds submission
RSS feed submission
Blog pinging

Social Bookmarking

Profile Creations 40 65 100 150
Bookmarkings per month 2 4 6 8

Press Release

Create accounts in PR sites(No. of accounts) 5 10 20
Press Release submission


Profile Creations(No. of accounts) 1 2 4 6
Blog posting per month 10 12 18 25

Forum Submission

Forum participation
Account creation 5 10
Posting threads
Initializing threads(per month) 5 10

Product Listing

Listing the website  product in Google Base & Bing

Local Business Listing (Google Map)

Website submission
Database submission
Submission Review        
 Classified Ads  Submission 4 8 12 15
Video Submission 2 4 10 15

Reporting to client

Work Updates
Google Analytics Traffic Report
Ranking Report




Bronze $399

Silver $499

Gold $599

Platinum $1000

If you are thinking of buying an affordable SEO packages, you should look into the SEO pricing packages as it is because of the SEO pricing packages than an affordable SEO package can be drawn upon. You can get a cheap SEO packages for a reasonable price for a 1 page website which can be charged on an hourly basis. Most site owners apply this tactic in order to get the main page live and running and then hire an SEO provider, as additional pages are needed. A cheap SEO package is a good way for a small business to have their web presence when they're in the startup phase and are working with a limited budget.

For the SEO packages Uk the first and foremost thing you should do before starting any online marketing in the UK is to make sure that your site is as user friendly as possible. Unless the site is not user friendly, it is not going to be successful a you may not be able to get the right SEO packages Uk.

The SEO monthly packages are designed so as to meet the needs of any size or type of business. Whether the hirer is a small travel company looking for improvements in their websites or a huge corporation in need of somebody to manage their PPC campaigns, there should always be an SEO package to suit every one. It is with the help of the SEO monthly packages that the development of a strategic marketing plan is the key to success when you start to trade online and simply waiting for customers to come to you is not enough if you want to achieve your goals.