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SEO Services Provider company, specializing in SEO based services in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay per click marketing (PPC), off-page optimization, social media optimization (SMO), website development, website designing, web maintenance and more; to enhance website visibility and revenues."

Hire Webmasters

Local business owners and service professionals don’t have a handle on their website in part because they have a difficult time getting in touch with their webmaster, and have no idea how to update their sites on their own. Does this sound familiar to you?

A good webmaster should also know if a particular website adheres to world standards. The standard, called W3C, is the guide by which websites are published, designed and maintained. There is a W3C validation tool available for free on the Internet. This tool checks your web documents and coding content to see if they meet the W3C standard. The tool is able to analyze the code line by line, pointing out errors when detected. This enables the webmaster to ensure that his site’s code is clean.

Actually, I was glad they did, because it helped me to see that doing “time for dollars” web master services was not where my business would grow. So I no longer do websites for other people.

Page rank is, put quite simply, how much Google trusts a particular site. That being said, the webmaster should have an understanding of the importance of page ranking and search engine optimization–the end all and be all of Internet business is simply user clicks. Page ranking tells your webmaster how many sites point to your site, as well as how important or related these “pointer sites” are, which lead to your main site.

Some vital steps you must take in order to avoid being held hostage by a webmaster. They tell you that all edits have to come through them, and cost $X/hour for revisions.

If you have a website or have tried to establish a website you have most likely experienced problems with your webmaster or web design company, or you have heard the horror stories from someone you know. Perhaps you are just getting started and are worried you will go with the wrong person…

Hire Webmaster

If you have had a website left in limbo or you are starting one, and now need to pay and -trust- a new web design company or webmaster here are some basic rules to follow:

Here are four ways you can avoid being held hostage by a webmaster.
  • The most interactive element on these sites is typically a contact form to an address.
  • Location vs.. Price. Watch out on this. Many countries are latching onto the market for web design. They can usually beat out any American company or individual, but the sacrifices you make to save a buck can be BIG! Just the language barrier alone is enough to drive most batty!
  • Since many of the businesses and individuals who have these issues do not possess the ability to correct their sites problems on their own. So back to a webmaster they go…
  • Shop around. You will get a very good feel for companies/designers that are desiring to build a relationship with you as a webmaster or are just looking for the sale. A good web design company/individual will take the time to educate you further and ask for nothing in return.